Clever Tongs – 2 in 1 Kitchen Spatula and Tongs

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The Clever Tongs 2-in-1 Kitchen Tool combines the flip of a spatula and the squeeze of tongs so you can flip, cradle, grab, or scoop with one tool. It’s now easier than ever to cook and serve your favorite dishes with Clever

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There are certain times where a spatula makes the most sense to use in the kitchen, and then there are times when a set of tongs makes the most sense for use in the kitchen. But what about when you have the need for a spatula that squeezes?! Let me introduce you to the Clever Tongs! It's a set of tongs that has a connected area in the middle that works just like a spatula!

There's really nothing that the Clever Tongs can't pick up and serve, including other items like ground beef, chicken nuggets, egg rolls, stir fry, rice, and a whole bundle of asparagus. It's perfect for serving taco ingredients directly into the shell, or putting a Philly cheese steak from the pan right onto the bun.

Clever Tongs® 2-in-1 Kitchen Tool Features:
  • NEW 2-in-1 spatula and tongs
  • Combines the flip of the spatula and the squeeze of tongs
  • Flip, cradle, grab, or scoop with one utensil
  • Makes cooking and serving your favorite foods easier
  • Amazing kitchen helper is great for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Flip pancakes then scoop and serve eggs
  • Scoop and fill tacos
  • Flip delicate fish and grab and serve asparagus
  • Fits comfortably in your hands
  • Non-stick and heat resistant
  • Commercial kitchen quality
  • Stainless steel frame with silicone cradle
  • Patent pending flexible cradle design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • As Seen on TV
  • Won’t scratch nonstick cookware
  • Includes: 1 large tool

Check out the Clever Tongs in action via the video below.

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13 reviews for Clever Tongs – 2 in 1 Kitchen Spatula and Tongs

  1. N***a

    Very easy to use. I love cooking and sauteing onions and mushrooms and using these tongs, it made it easier to pick the onions and mushrooms up and move them around the pan. I would recommend them to anyone who likes to move items around the pan.

  2. N***a

    These are great. You can pick up items like chicken thighs with the tongs. The spatula is good for flipping things like salmon. They clean up easily too. Wash with a little soap and water or toss in the dishwasher. I threw away my gross blue plastic spatulas! These are innovative.

  3. S***R

    The tong/spatula combo is a smart idea, and this product is an alright execution of the idea. I do often find myself at times where just a spatula isn’t enough for moving food around (like lots of a smaller item that aren’t inclined to be transported easily on the flat surface of a spatula), and tongs just don’t do the job, either. I think that these combo kitchen tools are a smart idea, but in execution they sort of become useful in an independent way, rather than being something that would reduce the need for spatulas and tongs alone.

    These definitely have their place in the kitchen.

  4. Y***a

    These work really well when pan frying. I used them to pan fry chicken cordon blue before baking it in the oven and loved the big one because it kept the breading from falling off when flipping it in the pan. The small clever tong is also really great for pan frying home made breaded chicken tenders.

  5. M***m

    Clever_Non-Stick_Tongs_2-in-1_Kitchen_Spatula&Tongs_Heat_Resistant_As_Seen_On_TV_Stainless_Steel_Frame_Kitchen_TongsThis is a very interesting spatula/tongs. I was a little unsure about how well they would work, especially on high heat, but they work good so far. They do not melt and will work well for flipping. As tongs they do not work the same way and for all applications that tongs work for but they do seem like they work well for things that you need to flip with a spatula or could also use tongs on, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, pancakes, eggs, etc They clean very easily which is a huge plus.

  6. S***a

    Amazing product. Perfect for cooking or grilling! Flips pancakes, and picks up sausages, and many other types of foods!

  7. K***a

    Excellent product. Very useful.

  8. O***a

    Ever since I saw these on TV, I’ve been obsessed! Love tongs but tongs AND a spatula?! I must have, so I bought these Clever Tongs for my monthly kitchen purchase – usually a purchase that will replace something old, or even better, multiple things cluttering up my kitchen drawers or counter. The Clever Tongs were to replace these items: my useless spatula that won’t even turn over a pancake, and my old pasta strainer spoon. Score! Perfect for both and more. I make a lot of vegetable stock for soups and the large one works great to take the hot veggies out of the water. The small one worked beautiful for turning over Sunday morning blueberry pancakes for a perfect flip. I wanted to use the bigger one but it developed a slight upward curl, therefore not laying flat enough for pancakes but no biggie, I use the small one. You just have to make sure they are not wider than the spread of the spatula. It does take a little brain-work to get used to using tongs like a spatula but after a couple times, I ended up loving it. Didn’t love for trying to pick up pan grilled asparagus hence the lost star (but maybe need more practice?).

    Little Bit More: Love the color. They are very well made, love that the soft silicone won’t scratch your pans, and dishwasher safe. Overall, very pleased with my purchase and the space it has saved me.

  9. M***a

    We are so obsessed with these in our house! I have a variety of tongs. Big tongs and little tongs. But sometimes I’m trying to grab something like a fall of the bone chicken thigh and traditional tongs mush it all together and it falls apart. But this combo of tong AND spatula is bloody brilliant. They’ve really come in handy though for taking ribs out of our smoker. Usually we lose a few but not any more. My dogs are pretty bummed because they always got the fallen ribs but I’m thrilled with these! Dishwasher safe which is always my favorite.

  10. S***h

    fast shipping thank you, all satisfied. quality matches the description.

  11. V***k

    great concept,,but i still have some trouble with squeezing it…lol i have arthritis..other than that i would recommend this for others .

  12. D***n

    Once I got them I tossed them in the dishwasher for a good cleaning. Then, I just used these for the first time today to make some eggs for breakfast. The best part was how the silicone easily and smoothly slide on my cast iron pan and under my egg. I think these tongs will also work for things like serving salads and such.Clever_Non-Stick_Tongs_2-in-1_Kitchen_Spatula&Tongs_Heat_Resistant_As_Seen_On_TV_Stainless_Steel_Frame_Kitchen_Tongs234

  13. M***a

    These tongs are really cool! They function perfectly as regular tongs while giving the option to flip/move much more food at one time. They are dishwasher safe, which is a necessity for me. The price includes two sets of tongs, one large and one medium sized. The price is pretty great for two pairs of quality tongs. The tongs can also be locked in the “closed” position, making them easy to store.

    I am very happy with this purchase.

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